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Food Service Team Leader
Ministry Team:
# of positions:
Frequency:weekly- monthly
Time Considerations:Varies from1- 8 hours
Requirements:* Food Manager Certification * Food Handler Permit * Good organizational skills * Cooking skill, especially large groups * Very neat, clean and dependable * Participate in meetings/training
Responsibilities:* Plan, organize, and oversee food preparations and service for fellowships, luncheons, or dinners and any church related meal held on the campus. * Recruit assistants to help cook, serve and clean up tables and dishes after meals * Purchase any food/ drink/ supplies/ to be furnished by the church * Oversee budget expenditures for the food service ministry
Comments:Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Service,Hospitality, Helps Passions: Serving, Managing, Organizing, Leading Socializing, Delegating
Contact:Sylvia King

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